“There is one city in particular where the contrast of old and new is the most striking.
This city stirs up unexplainable and powerful emotions and inspires much thought in me. Neither Paris nor Rome holds this mysterious power over me. This city is LYON.”

Lyon is a city of contrast, of dolce vita and it is a popular modern tourist attraction. Take our trip straight to the heart of the city and all its Florentine charm - Tours available in Dutch, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

The program
After a welcome coffee and information session during which you’ll be given your log book, map, pen and badge etc., the teams will set off on their urban adventure! The tour will mainly take you through the Renaissance and Fourvière quarters where you will learn historical anecdotes and will be asked observational questions in reference to these details.
At various ‘check points’ along the way there will be tastings for you to try various Lyonnais specialties.
At the end of the tour, you can discuss your experience and exchange information with the other participants and once the correct answers have been given by the guide, the winning teams will be announced and you will receive your very own ‘Lyonnitude’ certificate.