Everything you ever wanted to know about Lyon as you wander the streets!

LYON is an exceptional city. It was the first city in France to benefit from a preservation order in 1964 -thanks to André Malraux- and is now listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Trancitana offers a unique way of discovering LYON through a series of ‘treasure hunt’ tours through the city. Why, you may ask? Well, because problem solving through team work is a great way to bond and build professional relationships.

Trancitana offers fun and cultural activities that provide a shared experience, facilitate internal and external communication and relationship-building.

Discover the city’s charm and character as you visit the hotspots: the monuments, the history, the culture and the unexpected… and taste local specialties along the way!

TRANCITANA’s services are best suited to

Groups including:

  • Work colleagues
  • Conference and seminar participants
  • Workers’ councils
  • Family members

  • 6 ways to explore LYON!
    Discover Lyon and its old town, go on an urban treasure hunt, take a fun and cultural tour around the city on foot, discover the St. Jean and Renaissance quarters, the Traboules, Fourvière basilica, discover the unique and historic sites... and indulge yourself in the gastronomic delights as you go!