Lyon is a city full of surprises combining tradition and innovation.
Pulcinello, the greedy, cheeky and quarrelsome Neapolitan braggart who inspired the puppetry character of Punch, was positively stupefied by the city’s many hidden secrets and his inability to uncover them all. He was so stumped that he left the city in dismay!
In Lyon, “many things are obvious if you know where to look and those who don’t simply have to learn!” A word to the wise is enough! So visitors and anyone not “from ‘round these parts” will soon realize that uncovering the city’s secrets means going off the beaten trail. It’s up to you and your fellow treasure hunters, code breakers and problem solvers to discover Secret Lyon!

The program
After a welcome coffee and information session during which you’ll be given your log book, map, pen and badge etc., the teams will set off on their urban adventure!
Throughout the tour you will hear many anecdotes that often Lyon’s citizens themselves do not know, and you will be asked observational questions in reference to these details.
At various ‘check points’ along the way there will be tastings for you to try various Lyonnais specialties.
At the end of the tour, you can discuss your experience and exchange information with the other participants. Once the correct answers have been given by the guide, the winning teams will be announced and you will receive your very own ‘Lyonnitude’ certificate.